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#314 submited on 13-11-2014
mrjr: that includes internal theft.
*: asciilifeform admits that he suspects bip64 of being a plot to create usg-like bonds in btc. folks will be asked to trace X proper btc for X+epsilon 'locked' ones that are to land back in their pocket 'in the future', should they live long enough, but are actually revocable 'because this is how the world works'
asciilifeform: alice in the looking-glass, famously is offered 'jam tomorrow and jam yesterday -- but never jam today.'
asciilifeform: bip64, aside from complicating the protocol and giving relevance to the gavin shitgang, is also a jam-tomorrow chumpatronic engineering structural element
asciilifeform: so sorely missing from bitcoin from the point of view of the enemy.
mrjr: i wasnt aware there was politics behind nlock. always considered it as potentially very useful.
asciilifeform: but now you're aware.
mrjr: got a blog / post on the issue you're describing? sounds interesting
asciilifeform: afaik this here is the only place you'll hear the argument.
asciilifeform: i just deduced it now.
asciilifeform: can't imagine i'm the only one, though.
mrjr: ill go get my wot in order
mrjr: ttyl