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#518 submited on 16-02-2016
PeterL: I just got this email at work: "In celebration of receiving a shipment of Baboon semen please enjoy a cream filled treat in the kitchen."
#517 submited on 15-02-2016
asciilifeform: welcome to being mp-cool
asciilifeform: (next step: mp-complete !!111)
#516 submited on 13-02-2016
*: mircea_popescu is really digging this virtual employee thing. leave the poor player overnight, come back to more riches!
mircea_popescu: Mircea Mircescu paid for Mircea Popescu's coffee this morn!
#515 submited on 12-02-2016
ben_vulpes: may your offspring beat mean reversion as frequently as is statistically likely
princessnell: you are too kind
#514 submited on 09-02-2016
mircea_popescu: "shitting i nthe soup is not a problem, not all the floating turds are mine!"
#513 submited on 07-02-2016
punkman: "Subgraph believes that managed runtimes and memory-safe languages should be used where possible. For this reason, Subgraph Mail, the Metaproxy, and other components of the Subgraph OS are written in higher level languages that are memory-safe or run in managed runtimes, making them less susceptible to memory corruption style implementation vulnerabilities. "
punkman: so we used... Java
#512 submited on 06-02-2016
mircea_popescu: your bias-less rng shits out n/2 ones. they go against a message containing 3/4n ones. they will flip n/2 items in the message, 3/4 of which being 1s and 1/4 being 0s. you thus end up with 3/8 old ones + 1/8 ex-zeroes for a grand total of exactly 1/2 whoa.
mircea_popescu: da fuck.
asciilifeform: ahahahahahahahaha
asciilifeform: what did mircea_popescu ~think~ would happen here.
#511 submited on 03-02-2016
phf: today lazy, tomorrow dead. poor technology choices kill. this message was brought to you by the tmsr agitprop dpt
#510 submited on 03-02-2016
BingoBoingo: polarbeard: And after rawtx ported Scheme X11 widget for interacting with shiva over rs-232 would totes make Gavin all Jelly
#509 submited on 31-01-2016
ben_vulpes: how do you think i'd rather spend my dollars, on 'macbook pros' or bitcoins and linux workstations?
mircea_popescu: my bet is diapers and station wagons, but we digress :D