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#538 submited on 10-12-2016
jurov: Kinda sign of times. Ransomware ought to have user support, legit business like NSA not.
#537 submited on 26-06-2016
* kakobrekla fucking hates rss
asciilifeform: i also hate rss.
kakobrekla: no wonder Swartz committed suicide
#536 submited on 29-04-2016
asciilifeform: i dun think mp could afford to set up institutes with endowments, paying for tenured profs, etc
kakobrekla: poorfag.
#535 submited on 31-03-2016
asciilifeform: if i entirely believed in 100% mp, i would probably eat the pistol.
#534 submited on 21-03-2016
shinohai: Marrying Ubuntu to anything makes me slightly queasy.
jurov: sounds like ubuntu was your precious daughter
#533 submited on 19-03-2016
asciilifeform: wtf means too big
asciilifeform: no such thing
mircea_popescu: from which we surmise you never had sex.
#532 submited on 17-03-2016
mircea_popescu: sorta like a careful bash of technical discussions rather than lulz.
#531 submited on 16-03-2016
mircea_popescu: you think like the man of a single woman.
asciilifeform: i speak like diogenes of a single barrel.
#530 submited on 14-03-2016
mircea_popescu: who are you anyway ? either of you two ?
solrodar: I did the trb call graphing work last year
snorera: im not a wank hole
#529 submited on 27-02-2016
danielpbarron: well i shortened it for brevity; my actual response was something like "no i'm gonna tie you up and hang you from the rafters, yeah talk"
mircea_popescu: o.O
mircea_popescu: you said that ?!
danielpbarron: yeah. was that bad?
mircea_popescu: now we know how all the "almost raped irl" cases happen irl.
mircea_popescu: buncha impressionable teenagers talk to danielpbarron, fail to see the humour.